The Alienness of Helplessness (Podcast Episode 1)

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Episode 1:

President Donald Trump recently enacted an Executive Order which greatly detrimentally impacted the lives of countless immigrants here in the United States and abroad.  Understandably, most of us feel utterly helpless.  But this is a feeling that is, to turn a phrase, “alien” to us, and from which we’re prone to run away.  Episode 1 of my new podcast, The Sacred Question Mark, asks whether, in the interest of hanging on to our humanity, we need to stick with that feeling a bit longer.


Summary of Executive Order, The Guardian

Letter #8, from Letters to a Young Poet, by Rainer Maria Rilke

Final Music Credit, Lullaby by Mattia Cupe


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Author: Ryan Thomas Neace

Ryan Thomas Neace is a counselor, professor, husband, and daddy. Please contact him for counseling via skype or in-person at

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