The Antidote to Chaos (Podcast Episode 2)

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Episode 2:

Our culture has historically portrayed humanity as black white — we like to think that the “good guys” really are totally good, and the “bad guys” really are totally bad.  Reality, as well as recent portrayals of it in Hollywood films like The Layer Cake and the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy, display us as more gritty and gray.  We don’t always like looking at ourselves or at various facets of our experience this way, such as our experience of evil, which seems to have a more violent and chaotic (rather than deliberate and agenda-following) feel.  But if a more realistic portrayal of evil in the movies and in real life — for example, in current US political culture — shows itself this way, what is an appropriate response?  In other words, what is the antidote to chaos?

Creative Commons Credits:

Joker image courtesy of Flickr user John Antoni

The Layer Cake (a Columbia-Tristar film)

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (a Warner Brothers film)

Peter Rollins Wiki

Peter Rollins’ book, The Idolatry of God: Breaking our Addiction to Certainty & Satisfaction

Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz

Final song, Whole Heart by Gryffin


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Author: Ryan Thomas Neace

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