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Overall, this blog is a place where I engage in:

Personal catharsis

Therapeutic and spiritual discovery

Subjective criticism

To the extent that  it is humanly possible (perhaps, not very), objective criticism (i.e., the kinds of criticism that might be made my any reasonable individual in a given setting)

Thus, the discussion portion of my posts is designed to be thoughtful, engaging, and respectful, in an effort to move discussions forward rather than backwards or sideways.  

Here are my requests if you wish to comment:

Read the blog, for Pete’s sake.

You’ve all been on threads where it’s clear the person responding didn’t actually “read” what they’re responding to.  Don’t be that person.

Read the thread.
Try to read what others have already said so that you can move the discussion along, and respond intelligently to others.  

Stay on topic.

Try to respond without getting more than 1 or 2 degrees of separation between the original topic and your own musings.


Donald Miller said that “Cuss words are pure ecstasy when you are twelve, buzzing in the mouth like a battery on the tongue.”  Sometimes, the same is true if you’re an adult.  Incidental cuss words really don’t bother me, but if you’re going to use them to insult me or others, it’s not going to work for you here.  This brings me to my next point…

Disagree respectfully.
To quote another source, “Address the argument, not the person. If you’re critiquing someone’s tone (“Why are you so upset?”), the emotions behind their argument (“You obviously have issues.”), or resorting to adjectives like “delusional,” “ridiculous,” and “paranoid,” you probably need to rethink your comment.  Make your point and step back. Just because you think you’re right (or because someone else thinks you’re right), that doesn’t make your opinion any less of an opinion… Leave room for other people to disagree with you. That’s the difference between a dialogue and dogpile.”  (Emphasis mine)

I own this space.

Like it or not, I own this sucker.  If you violate any of the above, especially repeatedly, your comment will be deleted.  If you keep it up, you may be blacklisted, meaning you can’t ever post here again.  

Here’s to happy commenting!  Thanks for being a part!