[button type=”big” color=”teal”] “The path to holiness lies through questioning…everything.” –M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled[/button]

There is little room in our society for questions which are not fully answered or answerable.   There is no sacred, holy place to sit with questions, with the tension of never fully landing upon capital-T Truth, or to sit with the various emotional, psychological, and spiritual responses we experience as a result.

Instead, in an age of information, we pounce upon questions with ready-made answers, often constructed in opposition to straw-men, shoveling them down one another’s throats until we’re drowning in a vomitus mess of popular discourse. We then shake our heads and wring our hands at how little progress we’re able to make in bringing healing to our families, our cities and nations, and ultimately, ourselves. Like Adam and Eve, we plunder our lives for the fruit of knowledge, and it often leads us to ruin. Yet, we persist in our belief that it is our failure to find all of the right answers that prevents us from fully experiencing life, one another, and the divine.

The Sacred Question Mark is a podcast which posits that is moving in the opposite direction, believing that when we become willing to sit in the tension of questions which are not fully answered or answerable, our entire orientation changes:

We learn to listen to one another.

We learn to wait with one another.

We learn to intrinsically value one another.

We learn to love another.

In so doing, we make the startling discovery that as much as we’re seeking to understand the human experience, we are humans seeking to experience understanding.  

[button link=”http://ryanthomasneace.com/2017/07/19/courage-dear-heart/” type=”big” color=”red” type=”big” color=”red”] UPDATE: Because of the facts listed here (click this bubble for link), I’m not going to have the energy for this for now, so I’m canceling this.  Feel free to listen to the first two episodes.  Hoping you understand, dear friends.[/button]


Ryan Thomas Neace is a counselor, professor, husband, and daddy. Please contact him for counseling via skype or in-person at ryan@changeincorporated.org.

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